Where Should My Child Be?

We believe that the best place for a child to learn about Jesus is in an age-appropriate, fun-filled environment designed for their unique learning, attention and energy levels (see map).

We offer Children's Ministry for the following age groups/grades: 

Sunday Morning Services
Nursery - room #7
2 and 3 yrs - room #8
4 and 5 yrs - room #6
1st - 2nd grade - room #5
3rd - 5th grade - room #1
6th - 8th grade - room #2
9th - 12th grade (Youth Group)- room #4

Wednesday Night Service
Nursery - room #7
3 - 11 yrs- (Calvary Kids Club)
 - room #5&6
Jr High - Room #1&2 

If it is necessary to bring a child into the Sanctuary during adult service, we ask that you follow these guidelines to minimize distractions during teaching:
  • Children in First Grade and above should sit with an adult. Kindergarten and younger should sit with parents in the area reserved for families with children.
  • Mothers with infants are asked to make use of the “mother’s” room.
  • Please remove noisy or fussy children from the Sanctuary immediately to not distract the Spirit’s work in others
  • Please do not change diapers or feed infants in the Sanctuary. Infants may be changed or fed in the “mother’s” room.
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