Being mere mortals, we are never privy to God’s perfect plan for our lives, our families and our church.  We will never know why a loved one has departed this earth at an early age.

We will never comprehend why disease, trials and tribulations may be a constant companion throughout our lives nor will we understand why the wicked seem to prosper in these evil times.  The bible tells us that as Christians we will experience trials.

The true test of our FAITH is how we handle these trials.  As Christians we will never know WHY these things happen. As Christians we will never understand God’s perfect logic.

As Christians our one and only responsibility is to love our God with all our Heart, Soul and Mind no matter the circumstances. Let’s all take comfort from a man who knows Trials and Tribulations!

Job said it best.   Job13:15   Even though he slay me, yet I will trust in Him.


Just imagine the alternative, a day to day existence surrounded by a corrupt and evil society without the HOPE, FAITH and LOVE that is in CHRIST JESUS …Amen  

Ron Sciulli

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