Blending & sharing money with one's spouse is probably the most challenging aspect of marriage. It can be destructive to a relationship or it can be a source of closeness. It's your choice. One of the most frequent causes of conflict in marriage is money. No matter how much you make, if you are spending in excess of what you bring home each month, you will find yourself in financial trouble. But you can lessen this threat to your marriage by following the financial concepts found in God's word. Biblical principles have brought hope & financial freedom to millions of families across America. Now you can break the bondage of overspending, debt, and materialism. Dave Ramsey is giving away for FREE a 14 day trial of Financial Peace University. This 9 week course has been offered here @ CCWO for years. Don’t miss this exceptional no obligation limited time offer. Go to You’ll be forever grateful you did.

Regan Blair

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