Gen. 3:1-6, Ps. 24:1, Jer. 32:6-16, Daniel 12:8-9, Luke 4:5-8, Rev. 4, 5, 6, 8

God gave Adam rule over the earth.  However, Adam forfeited his rule after being overcome by Satan.  Adam had no kinsman redeemer so God allowed Satan to rule the earth temporarily.  Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross with his own blood therefore served as the kinsman redeemer of Adam (mankind) to purchase back the earth.  While exiled on the island of Patmos the apostle John was caught up in heaven when he saw the prophetic vision which foretold “what will take place later” (Rev. 1:19, 4:1). He saw what will occur after the church age.  At the start of the tribulation period John saw all of heaven including the church unite in praise of God as He prepared to usher in His will upon the earth and begin Jesus’ millennial rule.  (“Thy kingdom come… “) Jesus moves upon the earth in judgment to take ownership of earth and establish His rule and reign.  The title deed of earth was a scroll written on the front and back sealed with seven seals.  Jesus receives the scroll from the Father. Rev. 5:7 Through the scroll, the title deed to earth, and the breaking of its seals which releases His Grace or restraint over particular realms of the earth while also releasing of His wrath, Jesus takes control of earth which belongs to Him.  (Tribulation) The redeemed, the church, meanwhile is in heaven (Rev. 4:4).  Hallelujah!

Russell Henna

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